Learn More About the Services I Provide: Piano Tuning, Regulation, Repair, and Inspection.

Piano Tuning: Like any other instrument, pianos go out of tune.  Many parts of the piano are made from wood, metal, or felt.  All of these materials change over time which affects the tension of the strings and alters the tone which they produce.

Piano Regulation: Are your keys feeling sluggish?  Is your piano lacking repetition? Is your piano unable to play at a soft volume?  All of these concerns can be solved through the proper regulation of your piano.

Piano Repair: Pianos may contain well over 12,000 individual parts.  Over time these parts can wear down or break.  Do you have any keys which refuse to play? Do you notice any broken strings? Have the tops of your keys become worn or brittle over time?  All of these issues relate to parts that can be replaced or repaired.

Piano Inspection: Looking to buy a used piano? Having a thorough inspection before you buy will help you avoid pianos that are past their useful lifespan.  Contact me before you go through the hassle and expense of moving a piano that you are not quite sure about.

Piano Moving: I do not move pianos.  Please contact Starbird Music or Gordon Large for local moves. Try Modern Piano or Walter Piano Transport for long distance moves.